Student Admissions

Admission to graduate programs is based on applicants’ academic success in the undergraduate and/or master’s program and their Academic Personnel and Graduate Study Entrance Examination (ALES) score. Also, all applicants, with the exception of applicants for master’s programs without thesis, must provide proof of foreign language proficiency.

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees required to be eligible for admission to master’s and doctoral programs are decided by the Senate upon the recommendation of the Graduate School Administrative Board.

a) Applicants to the master’s programs with or without thesis must meet the following requirements:

Degree and cumulative grade point average: Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative grade point average above the limit set by the Department.

ALES score: Applicants must have a minimum ALES score of 55 (fifty five) in the category determined by the department. ALES score may not be required of applicants from countries other than Turkey, including the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or other countries.

Foreign Language Proficiency Examination: Applicants must earn a minimum score of 60 (sixty) out of 100 (one hundred) on the language proficiency examination for graduate students administered by University of Kyrenia. Foreign Language Proficiency Examination is not required for admission to master’s programs without thesis unless decided otherwise by the Graduate School Administrative Board or Graduate School Board upon the recommendation of the Department Academic Board.