Head of the Department

The program was established with the vision of educating aviation crew equipped with up-to-date and quality knowledge for all aspects of Aviation Management.

The significant growth in aviation jobs is expected. When we consider that airline industry is complex and dynamic, potential employees need to be equipped with interdisciplinary awareness and knowledge. In Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the University of Kyrenia is the only institution that provides such interdisciplinary education desired by the sector. The University of Kyrenia’s interdisciplinary Aviation Sciences Postgraduate Program (English) thus aims to fill such gap and gain international ground in that area.

Candidates who have completed a Bachelor’s degree programme in Civil Aviation, Tourism, Management, Economics, Industrial Engineering, Aircraft and Aerospace Engineering, Materials Engineering, etc. and those currently employed as academic staff, or employed in other fields of the sector such as Airports, Aircraft Production, Aircraft Maintenance, Airlines and Ground Handling services may apply to the programme.

Graduates of the programme will be equipped with the qualifications necessary to be employed in businesses operating in the sector for commercial purposes, such as airlines, airport, aircraft maintenance, aircraft production, as well as in all related areas of civil aviation authorities and airport management, or as members of the academic staff of the aviation departments in universities.

Prof. Dr. Süleyman Tolun