Scope of the Programmes

The Master’s degree programme in Aviation Sciences is organised as an interdisciplinary programme.  It is based on three main spheres of aviation sector, as mentioned above: Aviation Technologies and Engineering, Aviation Management, and Professional Pilotage. As well as the common courses in Aviation, students must take elective courses in one of the three above disciplines in order to graduate.

(i) The Rules of the Program
The aim of the master’s program is to enable students to acquire the ability to conduct scientific research leading to the acquisition, evaluation and interpretation of knowledge. A master’s program is comprised of a minimum of seven courses, not being less than 21 credits, one seminar course, other educational activities and thesis study. The seminar course and thesis study are compulsory.

Students may take a maximum of two undergraduate courses on the condition that the courses have not been taken during the undergraduate program. Students may also take courses from other institutions of higher education upon the recommendation of the Department Chairperson and approval of the Graduate School Administrative Board.

(ii) Period of Study
The master’s program with thesis must be completed within a minimum of three and a maximum of six semesters. However, students, who have started thesis work at the third semester, may complete the master with thesis program in a shorter period of time.

Students who have completed the credit courses and the seminar course in three semesters but have not submitted their thesis and hence, have been unable to apply for their thesis defense by the end of their sixth semester may be granted an extension of a maximum of two semesters for the thesis defense upon the recommendation of the Department Chairperson and approval of the Graduate School Administrative Board.

(iii) Appointment of the Thesis Supervisor
The department proposes a thesis topic and supervisor to the Graduate School for each student of a master’s program with thesis no later than the end of the student’s second semester, taking into consideration his/her previous academic studies, area of interest and preferred supervisor. Thesis supervisor is proposed from among the members of the Department, other Departments or other institutions of higher education. The appointment of the thesis supervisor requires the approval of the Graduate School Administrative Board. If the student’s thesis subject requires more than one supervisor, a co-supervisor may also be appointed.

The number of graduate students per supervisor is determined by the Graduate School Board, taking into account the nature of the Department.

In addition to all other academic and administrative tasks and workload, the thesis supervisor may offer a “Special Study Course” every semester following the one in which the thesis project is approved by the Graduate School Administrative Board. All Students must register for the Special Study course. Policies regarding the course are made by the Graduate School Board and applied by the Graduate School Administrative Board.

(iv) Completing the Master’s Thesis
A student enrolled in a master’s program with thesis must submit his/her thesis in the format specified by the Graduate School Board and to defend it orally before an examining committee.

The thesis examining committee is appointed upon the recommendations of the Department Chairperson and approval of the Graduate School Administrative Committee. The examining committee consists of either three or five members, including the thesis supervisor and at least one member from a different department or from a different institution of higher education. In case it consists of three members, the co-supervisor cannot be a member of the committee. Having prepared their individual reports, the committee members conduct the thesis examination within one month after the thesis has been submitted. The thesis examination consists of a presentation of the thesis study, followed by a question and answer period. It takes 45 to 90 minutes and is open to the public.

Following the thesis defense, the examining committee decides by absolute majority to accept, reject, or require a revision of the thesis. The decision is submitted in written form by the Department Chairperson to the Graduate School within three days after the thesis examination. If the committee rejects the thesis, the student will be dismissed from the program. If the committee requires the student to revise the thesis, the student, after having made the necessary corrections, will defend the thesis again before the same committee within a maximum of three months. If the committee rejects the thesis after the second defense, the student will be dismissed from the program.

(v) Master’s Degree Diploma
A student who has passed the thesis examination, completed all other requirements, and submitted at least four bound copies of the thesis to the Graduate School within one month after taking the thesis examination will be conferred the Master’s Degree Diploma on condition that the thesis meets the format requirements.

The Master’s Degree Diploma will bear the official name of the program completed and the title awarded (if applicable).

(vi) Admission to the Academic Preparation Program
The Academic Preparation Program may be applied to compensate for the deficiencies of the following categories of applicants to the master’s programs:

  1. Applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree from a field other than that of the master’s program applied to,
  2. Applicants for a master’s program who hold a bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher education other than University of Kyrenia,

Compulsory courses in the Academic Preparation Program cannot be substituted for the courses necessary for completion of the concerned graduate program. Students attending the Academic Preparation Program are subject to the regulations of the program where they take courses in terms of attendance, examinations, grades, requirements for passing courses, repeating courses, withdrawal, etc. Students enrolled in Academic Preparation Program must have earned a cumulative grade point average, which is foreseen by the related department.