Student Admissions

The applicants need first to contact the university via email or fill the postgraduate application online. After that the application will be sent to the graduate school of social sciences to be evaluated by a committee. Then the committee will make a decision regarding the application and this decision will be sent to the international office to send it to the applicant.

Entry Requirements
To join the program, the applicant must have the bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Assessment of Applications
The assessment of applications performed by a committee of three academic staff members including the dean of the faculty of tourism. The committee evaluates the application of prospective students to decide if they can be accepted into the program or not. If their applications are accepted, they may join the program without foundation courses if they are from tourism family or they need to take some foundation courses if they have bachelor’s degrees in other fields.

Master program depends largely on research activities. So, students are advised to research and read academic articles. Students can download articles from Google scholar or from the publishers like Elsevier, Emerald, Taylor& Francis. The library of our university provides free access to many journals and students can benefit from that.