Postgraduate Program 2020-2021 Fal Term Course List
Graduate School of Applied Sciences
Graduate School of Applied Sciences Programs
Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering Postgraduate
2020 / 2021 Fall Term

These courses will be opened this semester.

MTM500 Environmental Aspects of Transportation
(Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dr. Mehmet Fatih HÜSEYİNOĞLU)
MTM509 Special Topics: Marine Ecology
(Dr. Mehmet Baki YOKEŞ)
MTM511 Seminar
(Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fatih HÜSEYİNOĞLU)
MTM512 Special Topics: Chemical Oceanography
(Prof. Dr. İlkay SALİHOĞLU)
MTM513 Special Topics: Coastal Zone Management
(Dr. Volkan DEMİR)